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Collector’s new Indonesian art gallery opening causes ripples – Jakarta Post

Posted by artradar on February 23, 2009

L. Ridwan Muljosudarmo, an Indonesian art collector opened a gallery in the town of Magelang in Central Java. Although the city is  known to be a city of art collectors, Oei Hong Djien being the most famous of them, this is only the city’s second gallery. Most galleries are found in the thriving art centres of Bandung and Yogyakarta.The Jakarta Post reports that

The grand opening of the Syang Art Space on Jan. 18 sent ripples through the city’s art scene.

“I had to give my love and passion for contemporary Indonesian fine art a new form. Just collecting was not enough anymore,” Ridwan says.

“I feel that young Indonesian artists are still in need of art spaces to show their works to the public. There are simply not enough *galleries* for the rising number of artists.” he added.

Ridwan started collecting contemporary Indonesian art in the early 1990s, learning the the ins and outs of the trade from renowned collector Oei Hong Djien.

The inaugural exhibition of the Syang Art Space, “Friendship Code”, runs until Jan. 28.

Well-known artists such as Putu Sutawijaya, who recently held a solo exhibition, “Legacy of Sagacity”, at the National Gallery in Jakarta, Ugo Untoro, S. Teddy and Entang Wiharso are among the many who supported the gallery’s grand opening.

Source:  Jakarta Post for full article

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