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    Art Radar Asia News conducts original research and scans global news sources to bring you selected topical stories about the taste-changing, news-making and the up and coming in Asian contemporary art.


Please send all press releases and art news to:

For business development, partnerships and other enquiries, please contact our founder, Kate Cary Evans:

For editorial enquiries, please contact our editor, Kate Nicholson:

We would also love to hear from you if you are interested in working for us as an intern or a writer and have a passion for art. We would particularly like to work with people based in major cities around Asia.

We are without funding so we are not able to pay but we can promise you lots of exposure to a prestigious readership including top collectors, major galleries, the principal auction houses and research houses, important archives and academic institutions including Ivy League universities.


22 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Gautam Paul said

    Respected Sir,
    I am Gautam Paul from Kolkata .
    I am a member of Saatchi on line. My secret inclination is that, if you observe my paintings and give your most valuable comment, then I am very grateful to you. Your comment will make my feeling and perception so rich and powerful and it will be easy for me to go forward. My last solo exhibition held in England Royal Tunbridge Wells library Museum and Art Gallery.
    Thanking you
    Gautam Paul

  2. deepak said

    i am join your gallery

  3. alve said

    Josefin PonyTass Arnell July 23 at 10:47am
    I hope you are the right person to ask if not please send this to the person that might help us.

    We are two Swedish artists, currently studying fashion in Sweden (Beckmans) and London (Central St Martins) even if fashion right now is our main subject our projects is everything between installations, performance, video and clothes.
    Between 2-22 august we will be in Hong Kong. We have got a scholarship to investigate both in traditionally and contemporary handicraft.
    We are looking for artists based in Hong Kong or around the area (we have visa to o to china) that we can meet for a few minutes or for a day or two. We can have a chat about everyday life but we also hoping to get inspired and learn more about your culture and hopefully also inspire you. In the end of our stay we would like to set up a small workshop, where we create something together.

    So we are looking for a wide spectra of people in different art fields that have a open mind and want to have fun! painters, musicians, performance artist, street artists, jewellery, video etc…

    If you are interested please get back, or forward this to anyone that would suit for this project

    I would also like to ask you if you know any workshops or events in august that we can participate in?

    Thank you for your time hope to hear from you very soon!

    Josefin and Alve

    • artradar said

      Thank you for your comment, Josefin and Alve. If any of our readers are interested or could help out Josefin and Alve, please do so by passing on their details.

  4. Christina said


    Can I please have the author of the article on Andy leleisi’uao. I am have just done an essay on him and will like to cite your magazine as a reference.


  5. Patrick Gildea said

    I own several pieces of art work From Shozo Nagano.He was internationally famous.The two painting I own are his spiritual vision.When he was a young adult.He was several miles from ground zero.He lived in japan when the atom bomb was set off.These two paintings of his spiritual vision of what happened to all the people who were vaporized.There spiritual enities where shadowed on the wall.He took medication for post tramatic stress.After many years he stopped takings medication.He did art work to remove his stress disorder.It was painting meditation to remove his mental illness.He was a good friend for several years.He moved his art gallery from manhattan to Jim Thorpe.Jim thorpe is only a few miles from my home.I met with him numerous times.We had many great discussions when we had lunch at the Hotel Switzerland.When my friend died two year ago it broke mt heart.You can call my office number 1-570-824-8750.Pat Gildea

    • Patrick Gildea said

      I office phone I typed in was incorrect.My office number is 1-570-824-8759.Contact me if you have any questions concerning the two paintings I own from Shozo Nagano.Pat Gildea



    1 – Painting, Drawing, Graphics, Mixed media…
    2 – Sculpture, Relief , mosaic…
    3 – Ceramiks, glas, porcelan, terracotta, …
    4 – Design jewelry, ( drawing and 3D models in all materials )
    5 – Digital Art and Photo – Photo/Digital Art
    6 – A short documentary on the CD / DVD to 3 minutes.
    Topic: “creative treatment of reality”

    The contest is open from 01 February to 30 June 2010. year,
    The decisions of the jury will be published by 31 July 2010 year,
    Exhibition opening: 11 September 2010 at 14 hour.
    The exhibition runs from 11 September to 11 October 2010 year.
    Returning authors works for 30 days and no later
    than 60 days after the close of the exhibition.

  7. Kanika said

    Dear Kate,

    I work with Ernst & Young in India and have been visiting your website frequently over the past few months. I find it to be an invaluable resource of information about the Asian Art Market and very useful in some of the art market research that I have been doing. I like the way information is segregated into categories and is made easy to browse through. Additionally, some of the perspectives represented here are truly unique and are a pleasure to read.

    I wish you and your team the very best of luck. Keep up the good work.


  8. Cintia said

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Cintia and I’m brazilian but i grew up in Macau-China.

    I was just googling it around about short couses when this website came up to me!

    Really amazed how there are people out there concerned and focused on the Asian Art culture.
    I live in Macau’ China- its a very touristic city due to its cultural transition, macau is all about casinos and money.
    Arts its growing up however, still very limited.

    Currently studing year 3 of Design, however, due to its limitations, I am contantly seeking for opportunities outside and now particullary in Asia.

    I am interested in doing a One’month course somewhere in Asia since there is a foundation here offering scholarships for short courses.
    Would any one know anything about short courses during the month of February. No specific design area, however if there was something do to with textiles or communication design would be more than great!

    Also, if this website is interested in having a correspondant located here I would be ver please to do it!

    Thanks everyone!!

    • artradar said

      Hi Cintia
      We would be interested in hearing about what is going on in Macau. Contact us with your resume kate at artradarasia dot com.

  9. Dear Director, Curators and all Staff,
    Is great pleasure for me to make contact with you. Please, Don’t forget the artists around the world. I am Mariojosé Angeles, an established and international artist with over twenty years experience. I was living by 9 years ago in Brussels, Belgium. Now I lives and works in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I worked as cultural attache of the Embassy of Dominican Republic to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the European community to 2000 to 2004.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Mariojosé Angeles

  10. I am trying to look for a way to get more exposure, any one interested in networking?

  11. Brandon said

    Hi, I do not know alot about Asian Art, but was hoping you may be able to help me with something. I have recently purchased two Qu Jianxiong abstract paintings from his ex wife’s, now ex husband’s in Americas collection. I was hoping to find out more about the artist since knowledge of him in America is very limited, I can send pictures if you are interested. Thanks, Greetings from America!

  12. Would like to inform you all of Other Asias – a Pan-Asian artist initiative based in Lahore (Pakistan) Dhaka (Bangladesh) and London (UK)

    Other Asias: Transnational Contemporary Art Currents
    ‘Should we train our imagination to allow ‘Asia’ to emerge as a continent?’ (Gayatri Spivak, 2008)

    Other Asias is an ambitious artist-led initiative that challenges contemporary navigations of Asia as region, as potentiality, as memory, as imagination and investigation through an arena of fluid exhibitionary structures. Our organisation activates chains of exhibitions, film screenings, fictions, forums, performance, plays, walks and talks, historical revisions, reading circles, archives, taxonomies, political vocabularies, public education and transnational circulation.

    Formed in late 2008, Other Asias is an open assemblage of cultural practitioners that weaves together reanimated alliances and counter-cartographies. We were dismayed by the systematic mediocrity of the first Asian Arts Triennial held in Manchester 2008, the ossification of official “cross-cultural” departments and new internationalism, the corporate/ NGO strategies of organisations like Asia House and the current superficial commercial booms of Eastern economies.

    Other Asias is a grass roots networking organisation that aims to provide up-coming creatives a platform and portal for multi-poplar orbits of exchange. Every current is an ever-flowing investigation, configuring a dynamic new team of visiting artists and writers – generating transformations across localities, communities and continents.

    JOIN US ON FACEBOOK: Other Asias – Transnational Contemporary Art Currents

    • hello. Ive just found this website and would love to exchange ideas with you.
      We run a house space for live work by local artists and are trying to expand to artists beyond the UK and in particular with countries in Asia.
      Would you be willing to discuss your ideas with us?

      Thank you,

      Carole Luby.

  13. On August 1, the melting of Earth’s ice will be illustrated by an interactive public art event in NYC.
    People will be invited into an ice environment, created in New York’s Union Square Park by artist Chin Chih Yang. Encouraged to sit on giant blocks of ice, the melting caused by the warmth of the participants’ bodies, will trigger increasingly frantic emergency lights embedded within the ice, making it glow in alarm—a simple yet forceful reminder of how human activity is hastening the melting of the world’s ice caps. 11a.m-7p.m at Union Square Park near 14th St. FREE

  14. Dear Kate, we would like you to consider us to be added in Art Radar Asia’s list of friends. And it would be a pleasure for us to submit news about our activities at Ruang MES 56, Yogyakarta.
    Ruang MES 56 is a non-profit institution established on February 28, 2002, which is active in the field of photography that emphasizes in the exploratory approach of contemporary photography, both in theory and practice, conceptually and contextually; having the purpose to develop the discourse of contemporary photography sphere in Indonesia.

    Ruang MES 56 do several programs, which are Exhibition, Creative Exchange, Workshop, and Archiving. All of these programs are carried out by self-financing and with the support from several donors, either from non-profit institution or from commercial company. All of the programs aim to empower the pop-culture society in Indonesia.

    Ruang MES 56 is run by: Agung Nugroho Widhi, Akiq AW, Anang Saptoto, Angki Purbandono, Daniel Satria Koestoro, Dessy Sahara Angelina, Edwin Dolly Roseno, Eko Bhirowo, Jim Allen Abel, Wimo Ambala Bayang and Wok the Rock.

    Please check out our website and Kantor Berita (News Agency). Thanks (Ina)

  15. jia said

    Dear makers/editors of this website,

    thank you for sharing your information about art. I am sure that it has been, and continues to be an invauable resource for those with an interest in the arts, or those within artistic communities who want fresh news about what’s what and who’s who.

    However, i feel that you could retain and possibly attract more readers–simply by changing the layout and presentation of your website. Its grey and blue palette does not make for pleasurable reading. Even more so as a website that dedicates itself to the arts, should its layout not be treated with an artistic eye as well?

    It is my personal opinion that a simple font (black arial even) on a clean white background will allow any images that you have included in your updates to ‘pop’–art after all is about visual aesthetic. I am a young person, so perhaps my perspective is tampered by things that you might consider ‘frivolous’ and ‘unimportant’-such as website design. I do not mean to impose, so perhaps you could do a quick reader’s poll about how everyone feels about the design.

    I do know that, for a young reader (18) like me, a fresher, cleaner design will be an inevitable deciding factor in me not only bookmarking your page, but returning to it often.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Art History student

    • artradar said

      Thanks for leaving your comments and don’t be shy about being 18 because actually we wholeheartedly agree with you. We started this blog as art enthusiasts but with limited technical knowledge and severely limited funds. We would love to have a site which is a more pleasurable aesthetic experience for readers. Unfortunately we set up on a blog with a free theme from a limited choice. If we change the platform we will lose our google ranking and in-coming links. If there is any reader who would be able to help us with improving the look of the site as it is, do contact us at kate at artradarasia dot com. We are not able to pay at this stage but we can promote your services with a link on the site. In the meantime Jia we have tried to remove some of the corporate blue and hope this is a step in the right direction until we can do a redesign.

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