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    Art Radar Asia News conducts original research and scans global news sources to bring you selected topical stories about the taste-changing, news-making and the up and coming in Asian contemporary art.

Guest Writers

Art Radar Asia‘s guest writers are professionals and experts in contemporary art who contribute articles at our invitation only. They provide comprehensive studies of the artists who produce contemporary art and the people who buy and sell it, adding further depth to our coverage of Asian art happenings.

If you would like to submit work for consideration please contact Kate Cary Evans on to discuss your submission.

Pippa Dennis

Pippa Dennis is a Chinese art specialist based in London. She has an MA in Art History and spent 10 years making documentaries for the BBC before living in Shanghai and working at Eastlink Gallery.  She subsequently set up Asia Art Forum, an educational platform to promote the understanding of Asian contemporary art.

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Kate Bryan

Kate Bryan is a contributing editor for Asian Art News, World Sculptures News and her work has been published in Kee Magazine, The Sentinel, Essence and West East. She received her BA in Fine Art from Warwick University and subsequently worked at the British Museum in London for four years. She recently completed her master’s degree at the University of Hong Kong and is Deputy Director of The Cat Street Gallery.

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Bonnie E. Engel

Bonnie E. Engel has been a freelance journalist in Hong Kong for about 25 years. She is an Asian art specialist, covering all forms of visual arts. She travels around the region to visit artists, galleries, auctions and art fairs, and meets international artists when they come to Hong Kong. She has written for Hong Kong Prestige, Hong Kong Tatler, Gafenku, Muse Magazine, Asian Art Newspaper and other publications.

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Deepanjana Pal

Deepanjana Pal has been writing about art since 2006 and is the author of The Painter: A Life of Ravi Varma. In the past, she has written for Time Out Mumbai, where she edited the art section, and has also contributed articles for publications like ArtIndiaNuktaArtTime Out Beijing and Time Out London.

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Editorial disclaimer – The opinions and views expressed by guest writers do not necessarily reflect those of Art Radar Asia, staff, sponsors and partners.
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