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    Art Radar Asia News conducts original research and scans global news sources to bring you selected topical stories about the taste-changing, news-making and the up and coming in Asian contemporary art.


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12 Responses to “Subscribe”

  1. hemraj said

    The information on Asian Art Event is quite useful. Thanks Lots.

  2. Impressive information.I m very very happy, because join with us.
    with best regards,
    Satadru Sovan

  3. suresh said

    hi g8 to be here.

  4. Sita said

    The information on Asian Art Event is quite useful. Thanks Lots.

  5. Great! Its very very interesting, suggestive!
    thanks, Valquiria

  6. Sadia said

    Impressive information.Interest to join with u..
    Best regards.

  7. Ram Kolli said

    Thanks and Really Informative

  8. I think you have done great job with this magazine , its briliant , I just love it, it has everything , thank you for the founders of this magnificent effort.

  9. Sidharth said

    It is really useful
    informative suggestive

  10. sari said

    whats going on in asia?

    • artradar said

      Thanks for your question, Sari. We have just posted a piece about what is happening in Hong Kong art which we hope you will enjoy- this is an area of burgeoning interest to museums and collectors. A first documentary group show of Cambodian art has just opened in Hong Kong with some exciting works and artists to watch – a piece about that is coming up shortly so we hope you will stayed tuned.

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