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Killer art selling tips: viral video

Posted by artradar on April 21, 2010


Do you need some new ideas for promoting your art, your event or your artists? Read on for one piece of advice which could make your promotion go viral on social media attracting thousands of new fans.

Did you know that bloggers love to link to video? And did you also know that bloggers in the same niche often read and link to one another? You can harness these habits to spread the word about your art works far and wide.

Most art promoters are doing little to ride the power of video and social media marketing to get their art out there. This is surprising because art is a visual medium and is particularly suited to video promotion. Text and static images on press releases just aren’t the same.

Imagine! Sculptures can be seen from different angles, kinetic sculptures can be appreciated in motion. Artists can be interviewed helping bring their work to life with personal stories. Techniques can be demonstrated. Small clips of video art can be posted as a teaser or taster. Artists can create a more personal connection with collectors and dealers can build trust with video.

News sources like CNN produce the most widely-viewed videos about shows and artists because of their superior page ranking.  Some museums are making great strides in producing video as a documentary source and for promotional purposes (take a look at the Asia Society).  As yet there are still surprisingly few galleries, artists and collectors using in these ways.

What is stopping you from making videos? Is it expense, know how, time constraints or something else? Would you like more information about promoting art? Or making art videos? We would love to know. Leave your comments below.

In the meantime if you have made a video, well done you are ahead of many of your competitors but don’t be shy. Post it on youtube (it is more likely to appear on the first page of google there than on your own site) and actively promote it to bloggers and on twitter.

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