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The Power 100: curators up and artists down on ArtReview’s annual list

Posted by artradar on December 2, 2009


ArtReview: The Power 100What a difference a year makes. Last month, ArtReview magazine released its annual list of the one hundred most powerful people in art (see list here). ArtReview’s introduction to the list outlines that the financial crisis of 2008 caused a lot of big shifts in the art world and the list is a reflection of these changes: a third of last year’s entries, both artists and collectors, have fallen off the list and been replaced by newcomers. For instance, Director of MoMA Glen Lowry was not even on the list last year, and this year he enters the chart at number two. The magazine praises the likes of Lowry for being part of a new generation in the art world that they describe as follows:

“…percolating up from the middle ranks is a new generation of highly networked, flexible, globetrotting curators – men and women at the very centre of a new way of working.”

Curators top the list while artists have less clout and websites have more

Overall, it was curators who had one of the strongest presence on the list, with Swiss curator and writer Hans Ulrich Obrist at the top of the list and Sir Nicholas Serto, the director of the Tate Gallery, at third. Artists, by contrast, did not have such a strong presence in the top ten: the first artist on the list was not until American Golden Lion Winner Bruce Nauman at number ten.

The Independent newspaper goes so far as to suggest it is “The Year of the Curator”, which suggests that curators have a stronger influence in shaping what we know about art than the artists who create it. A change in the system of endorsement was also reflected by the increase in webmasters included on the list. It seems that technology now also plays a significant part in disseminating notions of what “art” is.

Profession 2008 vs. 2009

Professions in the list: 2008 vs. 2009

Questions of power

So who gets to be on the list and how they do they get there? ArtReview explains that its entrants are ranked as follows:

” [It is] a combination of influence over the production of art internationally, sheer financial clout (although in these times that’s no longer such a big factor) and activity in the previous 12 months – criteria which encompass artists, of course, as well as collectors, gallerists and curators.”

That said, it still remains ambiguous as to what exactly it takes in order to get a mention in the Power 100. For example, how does ArtReview compare the merits of two entirely different professions? How do they rank success when success in the art world is often based solely on a system of endorsement? In other words: how is power in art defined? Perhaps future lists will provide us with more answers to such questions, or at least continue to prompt us to reflect on who really is in charge of the art world.

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Top 10 social networking sites for art

Posted by artradar on March 24, 2009


Art Market Blog has produced a list of the top 10 social networking web sites for artists, galleries, collectors and institutions.

One of our favourites is the very new site artselector which was set up at the end of 2008 by MA Fine Art graduates of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art in London.

It is a sort of youtube for art where artists upload art images instead of video clips.  Viewers can comment and subscribe to see the latest uploaded works by artists of their choice. The number of views is counted for popularity rankings. Although content is still thin, Eurocentric and the curating system is not proven, this well-designed site has the potential to be a great resource for artists, collectors, galleries and anyone who enjoys an eye feast. Take a look at the page of Indian Beijing Olympics sculptor Ashish Gosh to see how it works.

Another site with potential and grand plans  is Artslant which gives city by city art listings. Started in 2007 its focus is on major cities in the US but it plans to go global.  This site does not cover Asia yet but when it does it will provide a much-needed service.

For listings we like London-based Time Out which has recently expanded into Asia. Time Out coverage also incorporates crisply-written art features with comments as well as a feed for each city. Here are the Time Out links for Hong Kong and Singapore.

For the full list of social networking sites for art see Art Market Blog. We would love to hear which art web sites you like and why, so do leave your suggestions and ideas in the comments section below.

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