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Film director Oliver Stone in Hong Kong for artist talk with Yi Zhou – South China Morning Post

Posted by artradar on November 13, 2008



From the South China Morning Post:

‘OK we know Oliver Stone as an agit-political film director and fierce critic of American Society but as a Chinese art commentator? It came as a bit of a surprise for us to learn from the Ooi Botos Gallery that the controversial filmmaker -whose filmography includes Platoon, Natural Born Killers, JFK, Nixon and his newest movie W. about George Bush’s presidency now playing in the US – is comig to the city atthe end of November to participate in and artist talk with Paris-based mainland-born multimedia artist Yi Zhou.

It seems the intimate discussion forum on Sunday November 30 will be at the Living Room of the W hotel. The gallery is presenting Yi’s first local exhibition “My Heart Laid Bare” and the two cultural icons will discuss their perspectives and modus operandi. Moderating the panel is the Hanart Gallery’s curator Johnson Chang Tsong-zung.

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Emerging Chinese artist Zhang Peng has first solo show in New York gallery Eli Klein to January 2009 – Art2Bank

Posted by artradar on November 6, 2008


EMERGING ARTIST SHOW NEW YORK 8 November to 5 January 2009

Eli Klein Fine Art will be presenting “Fascinating Beauty,” Zhang Peng’s first solo exhibition in New York.

The show will feature new photography, paintings and watercolors. At 27, Zhang Peng is considered to be one of China’s most talented, interesting and promising young artists. It is still early in his career, yet he has already received attention from important collectors and media throughout the world. Images of his work have appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times online and have graced the covers of numerous art magazines.

Zhang Peng has recently exhibited at the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, the Chosun Ilbo Museum in Seoul, and is the youngest artist in the inaugural Chinese Contemporary exhibition of the new Saatchi Museum in London.

Eric C. Shiner, The Milton Fine Curator of Art at the Warhol Museum, describes Zhang Peng’s ability to explore an ‘uncharted territory for his native China, but a fully recognized genre in mature art markets around the globe.’ His work ‘is revolutionizing Chinese contemporary art’.

Zang Peng uses shocking images, literally opening up an entirely new can of worms. His work is alluring, just as it is repelling. He uses a global vocabularly, with a local focus.

Shiner says that ‘In constructing his own unique visual vocabulary, Zhang Peng is helping to move Chinese contemporary beyond its position as the “must-have” trophy of collectors around the world into a contemporary art that must be reckoned with in a whole new light.’

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Artist to watch Cao Fei

Posted by artradar on September 16, 2008


As we scan the news every day, some new artists and new trends emerge out of the cloud of informaton bigger bolder and brighter than the rest. This is the first in an occasional series in which we beam in and take an in depth look at one artist or art trend.


Cao Fei  is a female artist who was born in 1978 in Guangzhou China and is now based in Beijing.

What people are saying

Red Mansion Foundation, London: “Cao Fei is no doubt one of the most remarkable and powerful artists of this generation.”

Serpentine Gallery London: “Cao Fei is one of the pre-eminent Chinese artists of her generation”

About the art

Photographs, videos and installations.

Influences include superheros, avatars, electronic entertainment, pop music, TV drama, computer games and new subcultures such as Japanese Manga, American Rap, and Hong Kong films.

Why her work is interesting

Cao Fei fearlessly experiments with new media, in particular virtual media such as Second Life. She is fascinated by the contrast between urban reality and fantasy-perfect etopia and how it is possible to move between the two at the flick of a switch. Her art presents the issues and zeitgeist of her generation.

I am interested in “the premise that people can choose characters that are very different from their real selves. They can use their character to create a “second life,” to change their friends, family, and lifestyle — like switching a TV channel “says Cao Fei in an interview with Artkrush.

“I started to confuse my two lives, and so I compared them. The younger generation, like 15-18 year olds, I don’t think they ask as many of these questions; that kind of lifestyle is their real life — they belong to a technological world — but for my generation, we will always compare virtual and real”

Her work


Cosplayers: King Kong at home


She first attracted international attention in 2004 with COSplayers, a video and photo series about Guangzhou teens dressing up as Japanese manga characters.

At the 52nd Venice Biennale 2007, she premiered China Tracy Pavilion, a project exploring the virtual worlds of Second Life that merged role-playing, ethnographic documentary, and animation.

After discovering Second Life, Fei embarked on a six-month journey through the wonders of the digital realm, as China Tracy, and many came across her through a YouTube stream in which she introduced herself in machinima footage with Chinese subtitles.

According to Fei, all sorts of typical activities occurred during that period: ‘Fly, chat, build, teleport, buy, sex, add friends, snapshot…’


I.Mirror Documentary Video 2007


These experiences were documented and generated the three-part, thirty-minute epic, ‘i.Mirror’ that Fei exhibited at Venice’s Arsenale back garden as well as on YouTube.

A recent project RMB City, an online art community in the virtual world of Second Life is on show at the Serpentine Gallery and on-line.

Institutions and collectors are invited to buy buildings in RMB City and programme events and activities in them. The project is an experiment exploring the creative relationship between real and virtual space.

Career highlights

Cao Fei has exhibited around the world in premier institutions such as Ullens Center for Contemporary Art Beijing, Mori Museum Tokyo, San Francisco Art Instute, Serpentine Gallery and Red Mansion Foundation.

She has been shown at the Venice Biennale, Istanbul Biennial, Taipei Biennial, Biennale of Sydney and her work has been included in important survey exhibitions such as “Between Past and Future – New Photography andVideo from China” Asia Society New York.

Collectors of her work include Guy Ullens, Carnegie Museum of Art, The Israel Museum, Uli Sigg, Guan Yi amongst others.The famous Chinese collector Guan Yi names Cao Fei along with a handful of other artists as an important artist of her generation.


Cao Fei Siemens project

Cao Fei Siemens project


In the Siemens sponsored art project “What are you doing here?”, the artist Cao Fei worked with employees from subsidiary OSRAM China Lighting to turn their individual ideas, hopes and expectations into art.

Auction history

As at September 1 2008, Cao Fei is still much under-appreciated at auction. She has only had 3 photographs at auction, one at China Guardian May 2007 which sold for US$21,890 including premium (over double the estimate) and two at Sotheby’s New York 2007 which were bought in.

Where to buy


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