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Pakistani American artist Shahzia Sikander impresses judges of SCMP|ART FUTURES at ART HK 10

Posted by artradar on June 29, 2010


Pakistani American artist Shahzia Sikander, represented by London gallery Pilar Corrias, has been brought into spotlight on the stage of contemporary art after impressing the judges of SCMP|ART FUTURES at ART HK 10 and becoming the winner of the year.

Shahzia Sikander working on a mural in the USA.

Standing out among artists from sixteen galleries that have been set up for less than five years, Sikander won a cash prize and an opportunity to design the front cover of Post Magazine, published by the South China Morning Post (SCMP). According to SCMP, she has been praised by one of the judges, Serpentine Gallery co-director Hans Ulrich Obrist, for being a “very special artist” and a worthy winner.

Sikander’s I am also not my own enemy (2009) was exhibited at ART HK 10. It is a decorative work on paper made with gouache, hand painting, gold leaf and silkscreen pigment on paper.

Shahzia Sikander's 'I am also not my own enemy'.

Since graduating from the National College of Arts in Lahore for undergraduate study and the Rhode Island School of Design for master study, Shahzia Sikander has been “instrumental in [the] rediscovery, re-infusion, and re-contextualization of Indo-Persian miniature painting.” She has worked within a wide range of art genres including painting, drawing, animation, installation, video and film. She was named as an honorary artist by Pakistan’s Ministry of Culture and the Pakistan National Council of the Arts.


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Two emerging Pakistani miniature artists on show in US for first time

Posted by artradar on March 17, 2009


Mudassar Manzoor and Attiya Shaukat: Contemporary Miniature Paintings to March 29 2009

Frey Norris Gallery, San Francisco with Gandhara Gallery, Pakistan

In the 1980s the National College of the Arts in Lahore, Pakistan revived the ancient traditional styles of painting from the Mughal, Deccani, Pahari, Rajput and Persian schools. In keeping with these traditions, artists are trained in a precise, exquisitely detailed style of painting that begins with the meticulous crushing and preparing of pigments and other materials, such as hand made paper and hand threaded brushes.

Madassar Manzoor and Attiya Shaukat are two up and coming artists from this school, both working with contemporary and often deeply conflicted themes. Together, the artists will contribute a total of fifteen new miniature paintings.

This exhibition marks their first showing in the United States.


Attiya Shaukat, Red Bull

Attiya Shaukat, Red Bull

Attiya Shaukat


Shaukat’s work often features a single image placed carefully on patterned or gridded paper. The imagery tends towards hard angled geometries while conjuring associations such as a twisted spine, wheelchair or some other imagery that relates to a crippling accident she suffered while an art student. This accident and its subsequent influence on her art have garnered comparisons to the life and career of Frida Kahlo.


Mudassar Manzoor

Mudassar Manzoor

Mudassar Manzoor


Manzoor’s themes are often more subtle, revealing themselves once time and place add context. For example, his most recent body of work presents deep hues of rich, green and yellow organic forms. Upon closer inspection and after viewing an accompanying timeline the viewer discovers that the entire body of work is an outpouring of turbid emotions following the assassination of Pakistan’s slain leader Benazir Bhutto.

Buy catalogue at Frey Norris website

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